About Us

USA River Academy was established in 2001 by Mr. Robert Naibala Lucumali mainly as a response to an education gap in the provision of English based quality education in the country at the time. The school, which started as a primary school, has now grown to include a pre-primary, pre-secondary and secondary sections with provisions for both day and boarding schooling.

The school is registered as a not for profit, co-educational institution under the Ministry of Education, with the following registration details.

  • USA River Academy (Primary School): Registration No. P.097
  • USA River Academy (Secondary School): Registration No. S.106

Our Mission

Our Mission at USA River Academy is to inspire a passion for learning and develop attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable all students to maximise their potential as positive, responsible participants in our society and global community

Our Vision

Our Vision at USA River Academy  is to become an institution of academically trained individuals who possess the necessary skill and competencies that are relevant to lifelong development.